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Below are our routemaps so far:

(The maps will take a while to load, so be patient ๐Ÿ™‚ )


UPDATE: sorry the mapping provider seems to have gone out of business, so for now there are now searchable maps, apologies. We will try to replace them later..


The dark Green icons (with “TR’) link to the trip report about that section. Click for an excerpt and click the excerpt for the full report. The grey icons represent points of interest along our way and link to the WikiPedia article about it. if there is a number next to the markers, it means that there are several close together; you can zoom in or click on them and they will expand.

The green route is what we cycled, any grey route is done by other transportation (for example the Camperbus in denali Park or our road trips by car in California).

You can zoom in or out and drag the map to any direction, you can also change between the Satellite view, Map view or the Hybrid (standard). Comments are welcome!


Below is the 2nd part: San Diego – Colombia!


Here is the map of the first part: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska – San Diego, California!



6 Responses to “Map”
  1. Henk says:

    Hi Harry and Ivana:

    After a week of hiking in Italy, I am back in Holland and about to leave for the US again, where, next week, I will meet Anouk and Romke when they return from their 2-month sojourn across the US. It started on Aug. 6 in Vancouver.

    Am I right that you have not posted any new trip reports for awhile? Also, finally, discovered that you do have a detailed map of your progress. I am not getting any swifter as I get on in age…….

    So I hope all is well with you guys. I’ll check back with you regularly to see how it’s going.

    All the best and hi to Ivana,


  2. WOW…. wow… just wow….. I’m speechless. That’s one heck of a biking trip my friend!! Good luck to you both — I’m going to check out your pictures on Flickr now.


  3. valeria morales possa says:

    Hi you both,
    what a fantastic experience!
    Are you practicing Spanish? here are two important words, when you get to Argentina, asado and mate. I’ll show what they mean if you pedal near San Rafael, Mendoza. Best wishes.

  4. Jill says:

    Hi guys,

    Just stumbled upon your site and am eager to read more. My boyfriend and I are planning a motorcycle trip from Denver through South America this spring. We want to go to Suriname because I lived there for a few years. Just curious how the roads were for you from Venezuela over to French Guiana.

    • Harry says:

      Hi Jill,

      Thanks for your note. It will take a while before we can update the stories on Guyana, so here is already some quick info ๐Ÿ™‚

      The main roads from Georgetown Guyana – St Georges (border French Guyana & Brazil) are all very good. Some roads in Surinam are bumpy, but being upgraded as we speak. You need to take a ferry between the countries, but you can take a motorbike on them.

      The only two bad roads are from the brazil border to Georgetown (first 400km unpaved and either bumpy or slippery, but still very ride-able) and from the other Brazil border to Macapa (first 30km paved, then 300km very unpaved ๐Ÿ™‚ Note that also that road is scheduled for upgrading.
      As we were in a hurry to catch our boat on the Amazon, we took a bus on both routes, but other cylists have ridden it.

      Hope this helps, the Guyanas were definitely one of the highlights of our trip so far, recommended!

      With best regards,

      Harry & Ivana
      ps: check also my twitter stream (

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